A Conversation with MJ Porcello, BitSight’s VP of People & Talent

As the leader in security ratings, BitSight had a monumental year of growth moving into 2018 and we have no plans of slowing down. So far this year, 75 new employees have been hired globally with plans to hire more. This brings the current company employee count total to 345, with the intent of reaching 400 by the end of the year.

As we continue to look for fresh talent, we wanted to highlight some of the things that make BitSight such a great place to work. We sat down with MJ Porcello, BitSight’s VP of People & Talent, to talk more about BitSight’s company culture and our upcoming move to Boston.

How did you get started on your career path that led you to where you are now?

I started as an entry level administrator, transitioning into a compensation analyst role. Later, I moved into HRIS and then into a role as a HR Business Partner. From there, I continued growing and managing employees, mostly in larger organizations.

After working with several large and medium- sized companies, I wanted to explore HR in a small technology start-up. So, I accepted a new position as the Compensation and Benefits Manager at a small technology company with about 100 employees. Within 6 months, I was promoted to the top HR role. Eventually, I assisted with my first acquisition and was one of the key HR leads for the 2nd acquisition.

Over the last few years, I’ve found my niche with small, high growth technology companies looking to build their first HR function. All the organizations I have joined have grown between 50%-100% within my first 2 years. I have been the HR lead for 8 acquisitions, and have been on both sides of the acquisition. Eventually, this experience is what brought me to BitSight.

When did you start working at BitSight?

I’ve been with BitSight for about 6 months. In some ways seems like only a few months, and in other ways it feels like a few years!

Since the culture at BitSight is very transparent and leadership is consistently looking for improvements, the organization has been receptive to new ideas and feedback. The HR team is excited about the opportunities at BitSight and looks forward to the impact we can have on our employees and the business.

We’re growing very quickly. Where does BitSight currently hold offices?

Today, BitSight headquarters is in Cambridge. We also have offices in Raleigh, Lisbon, and London. If you haven’t already heard, BitSight’s headquarters will be moving to Back Bay towards the end of the year. Our current office space is starting to get very tight, so we are really looking forward to the move.

Can you tell us more about the decision to move the headquarters to Boston?

The Boston-Metro area is widely recognized as a hub for top technology talent. We’re excited to move deeper into the Boston tech community, contribute to its innovative spirit, and provide our employees with an exceptional work experience.

The new location and its surrounding amenities will not only help us retain and attract the area’s top talent, but will encourage collaboration between employees, customers, and partners, furthering our leadership position. BitSight will occupy a two-floor, 48,000 square-foot space in Back Bay’s Prudential Center complex at 111 Huntington Avenue. This will double the company’s current office space in Cambridge, which was expanded earlier this year.

We are excited about all of the new talent we will meet in Boston, and are invested in supporting our employees through this transition.

What are some unique benefits that BitSight employees enjoy?

To name a few:

  • Tuition reimbursement — up to the IRS maximum.
  • Commuter FSA — $150/month for those taking public transportation or parking.
  • Family Leave — in addition to short-term disability, BitSight contributes up to an additional 6 weeks of paid leave for all new parents.
  • Generous employee referral bonus.
  • Lunch & Learns (free lunch on Fridays!)
  • Lots of formal and employee-organized social events.

What do you think makes BitSight’s culture different from other companies?

I think culture is defined in two ways: how the work gets done in our organization and how we recognize contributions to this work.

At BitSight, work is completed in a very collaborative and transparent manner. Regardless of level, seniority, or expertise, all employees are encouraged to share their ideas and opinions to ensure we get to the best solution as quickly as possible. It is not unusual to see several employees discussing a challenge in the coffee room and have someone who just walked in ask if they can help.

As a company, we recognize individual and team contributions formally at our quarterly company meetings and less formally with company-wide emails. All employees are encouraged to nominate a peer for recognition. At the company meetings, the peer recommendation is read aloud to the entire organization.There is no money associated with the peer award, which I think makes the award and the process much more meaningful.

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